We equip equestrians with the best in therapeutic oils, helping them lead happy, healthy, and balanced lives both on and off the horse.


What We Do

Being an equestrian is incredibly rewarding, but not without its unique challenges. We founded The Oily Stable from a deep understanding of the intensive training, busy schedules, and many potential stressors involved in pursuing competitive horseback riding. Unfortunately, many equestrian-targeted products are focused on helping equestrians perform better, but are not concerned with the rider’s overall health and life balance.

The Oily Stable is our way of providing equestrians with products that not only address their riding challenges but also help them rest and address needs elsewhere. Our hope is to help riders reach their full potential in all areas of life—whether in the stable, at school, at work or in their social lives. Every equestrian deserves to train and participate in this sport while also leading a fun, healthy, and joyful lifestyle.

Our Story

The Oily Stable is a growing group of individuals within the equestrian world.  The face behind the scenes of The Oily Stable is Elizabeth Ector.  Elizabeth graduated in 2016 from Otterbein University in Westerville, OH with an Equine Science Business Management degree in 2016. 

My passion for horses started from a young age and has grown into a desire to create businesses that spread love and healing for horses and riders of all ages. I was introduced to Young Living essential oils and The Oily Stable by the Burchfield Family in 2017 and have been incorporating my love for oils into my daily routine- in my home, when I ride horses, and while I work in the barn. Everywhere I go, my oils usually go with me. I have seen the difference in my own life and with the horses I've used them with and dedicate my time to learning how to use oils to their full potential in and out of the stable and help others do the same! - Elizabeth

The Oily Stable is striving to get rid of as many toxic chemicals from the barn as possible.  We aren’t where we want to be just yet, but we are researching, finding, and creating DIY blends and recipes and using the oils often on both horse and rider with success!

We're inspired by the founder of Young Living, Gary Young, and his lifelong love of horses. We’re looking forward to helping you make choosing the natural way for you and your horse easy. We also know not everyone has the time to create their own oil blends and products, so we're happy to point you towards what we believe are the best products out there. 

We seek to provide resources, education, inspiration, and recipes to make your use of Young Living essential oils as beneficial as possible for you and your horse. If you’re ready to dig your heels in, we’re standing by, ready to ride on this oily journey right alongside you!


Elizabeth Ector

Elizabeth Ector


Why Oils

You may be scratching your head wondering what in the world oils and stables have to do with one another, or maybe you are well versed in essential oils already but you have never learned how to use them for horse and rider. For most people they're familiar with the use of aromatherapy grade essential oils, but we would like to introduce you to Young Living therapeutic grade oils that are plant based only with the upmost purity and quality; oils that are without the worries that harmful lab derived lesser grade oils, made only to make money have. 

Young Living essential oils and products follow a strict seed-to-seal guarantee that we ourselves have had the opportunity to witness. They have farms all over the world that you are allowed to visit, tour, and even volunteer at. 

There is nothing like the experience of touring a Young Living farm, distillery, and lab—all in one place. In the lab, oils are tested for purity and quality, and in the warehouse where shipping takes place, quality control labs continue to test quality and safety even after oils have been packaged. Young Living is serious about knowing what is going in those bottles, always making sure purity is priority over sales. We’ve watched popular Young Living oils go out of stock, simply because they refused to sell anything less than therapeutic-grade quality. This alone is a testament to this company’s core value of putting quality and purity first over sales, that they enforce their seed-to-seal guarantee. 

The heartbeat of Young Living goes deeper than oils. Gary and Mary Young, the founders, have the biggest hearts of anyone we know. They work hard and travel all over the world to secure farms, instill sustainable growing practices, and provide jobs, housing, schooling, and other resources to locals in these farming communities. The Young Living Foundation absorbs all of Young Living’s administrative costs, allowing 100% of donations to go toward supporting projects all over the world. These projects include Young Living’s very own academy, located near their farm in Ecuador, to funding several non-profits in Africa, to an orphanage in Croatia, and most recently—to providing shelter and relief aid to victims of the most recent earthquakes both in Nepal and Ecuador. They champion their members to “round up” to the nearest dollar on oil orders in effort to give back, equip them to host fundraisers, and even encourage them to go on service trips when they can. Young Living is a company with a heartbeat and staff unlike any other.

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