Trust: The Bond Between Horse and Rider

There are many reasons that the equestrian sport is beautiful; the beauty of the horse, a majestic yet graceful animal, for instance. Or how seamless and effortless riding can look once practiced and performed.

One reason stands out among the others: the bond between horse and rider.

It seems almost unexplainable- the unity you feel while you are riding your horse, the connection on and off the horse.  

This bond between horse and rider creates a deep trust that both the horse and the rider develop and experience. The amount of bravery it takes to ride an unpredictable animal would not be possible without this trust.  

The fascinating thing is, it’s actually not unexplainable.  There have been several studies on the human-animal bond, especially between horses and humans.  

Norwegian and American researchers have found that a unique inter-species connection happens between humans and their horses called “co-being”. “Co-being refers to a state of relationship in which each partner evolves to “fit” better with each other, both physically and mentally” (Lesté-Lasserre).  Horses and riders cease being viewed as individuals and instead as one.  

This is how riders can distinguish between different personalities among horses. There is a deeply engaged connection that continues to grow the longer the horse and rider interact.  

“‘(Humans) are balancing according to a feel of the other, the horse, attuning their bodies to sensations of the horse bodies,” Maurstad and colleagues stated in their study. “Action and response between the species bring about riding as a collaborative practice, where bodies become in sync. And sync is a product of intra-action in that both are changed through a process of training from the meeting between the two—literally flesh to flesh’” (Lesté-Lasserre). 

Horses and riders build trust because both are balancing, collaborating, becoming attuned, and in-sync with each other.  

Because of this connection, as humans, we care for our horses- mentally and physically. That’s why our horses are usually more pampered than we are! 

Using essential oils fits right into the trust that is birthed from this bond. By incorporating Young Living essential oils into your horse’s care and wellness routine, you are giving your horse the best in purity and quality, and getting rid of as many chemicals as possible. Your horse will trust you more because you are taking the time, energy and care to give him the best care possible.

There are stories of riders using the same combination of oils on themselves as their horses before their ride- deepening the connection and unity between them even more!

We would love to hear your stories of how Young Living Essential Oils are strengthening you and your horse’s relationship!  Share below or send us an email with stories, questions and comments!