As a partner of The Oily Stable, I agree to employ integrity, honesty, and responsibility in my behavior and actions with my family and friends, The Oily Stable, other riders, and fellow partners. I will not represent myself online or in person in a way that conflicts with any of these values:

I believe that everyone is created equal, and I will behave in a manner that respects and honors every human being, no matter the circumstance.

I believe my body is a gift that's be entrusted to me, enabling me to help the world and others around me, and I will care for my body to the best of my abilities.

I believe I'm to be responsible with everything entrusted to me, including the care of my animals, which I will treat with the upmost love and respect. 

I believe in honest competition, for the opportunity to challenge myself and my abilities, and respecting those who are competing as well. 

As a partner of The Oily Stable, I agree to represent and promote The Oily Stable with integrity, honoring the company's requests in how I represent them, their values, and products.